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Mar 10, 2011 6:00pm EST
thing we do know is that this won't be the last hearing on radicals in america. congressman king said he's planning a series of hearing -- hearings like this one, brian, because he said this is too big for one day of testimony. >> and nobody likes the air of being hypocritical and congressman king is drawing fire himself for some of the past issues involving terrorism. what is he saying to the critics? >> if i'm correct, brian, king's distracters point out he was the supporter of sinn fein and the irish republican army when they identified the ira as a terrorist group and king doesn't deny that association but said it's irrelevant. he argues the ira never attacked the united states the way al qaeda did on 9/11. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. >>> a fox 5 followup. an arlington man charged with threatenning to set off bombs on metro trains and in the georgetown neighborhood has been sentenced and the 25-year- old made the threats last december. the native pleaded guilty to a scaled back charge and making a threat against another person over the internet, sentenced to two years of supervised re
Mar 28, 2011 6:00pm EDT
baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. >> good evening i'm dave feldman. the washington capitals return home tomorrow the first time in 16 days and when they host carolina, and they hope to get the star back, too. ovechkin with the blue jersey at practice and after taking a week off to recover from an undisclosed injury. he missed the caps last three games and with what the head coach called a nagging element. and he is ready to go for tomorrow's game. and bruce boudreau, not sure about him or the teammate. >> and he did good today and we're getting closer and i don't know. i haven't talked to the committee about the actual timeline and skated very well as far as practice. >> and college hoop season is don to the final four. the talk of the attorney is vcu and from nearby richmond. a team that had to play to play. you follow that? this was the scene five years ago at verizon center and when 11th-seeded george mason defeated uconn to advance to the final four and that is vcus turn. and the rams are an 11th seed and beat georgetown, purdue,
Mar 4, 2011 6:00pm EST
america space program suffered another embarrassing failure. tonight, a nearly half billion dollar satellite is sitting at the bottom of the ocean after failing to even make it into orbit and it's not the first time that something like this has happened. tom fitzgerald has the news edge on this one. what happened? >> nasa's glory satellite would have been orbiting tonight, instead, nasa is dealing with yet another launch failure. another investigation into what went wrong. >> liftoff came just after 5:00 a.m. friday. >> 3, 2, 10, and ignition of the rocket. >> a textbook launch first with nasa's rocket shedding sections as planned. >> stage one ignition and video confirm separation. >> but just ten minutes into the flight, nasa had a problem on its hand. >> vehicle speed is indicating under performance, which is expected to not separate. >> a piece that should have pushed the satellite to orbit never separated from the rocket. >> all indications are that the satellite and rocket is in the southern pacific ocean somewhere. >> it was an expensive failure for nasa. the tune
Mar 8, 2011 6:00pm EST
is bombing all across america. >> the price of fuel went up and more people are riding and walking. >> reporter: they flew into town for the national bike summit. >> i flew into reagan and took a taxi to the house of sweden and picked up the bicycle. >> and you travel with the luggage, is that a hassle? >> not with this bike. the rack is accommodating and could be bigger. but it works well. >> reporter: vince counts as bicyclable communities sprout up everywhere you look. with gas prices going through the roof. the biking is cheaper than driving. >> in 2008, there was a big spike in activity and that did not go down. >> reporter: avid bicyclists have all sorts of reasons for hitting the trail. >> i got into bike pet advocacy when i lost a sister, a pedestrian victim in 2004. >> reporter: you might think there are more accidents but that is not the case. >> as people ride more and after the number of crashes involving the cyclists stays level or goes down. >> reporter: the organizers want congress to continue funding it increase the bike programs to help combat obesity, dirty air an
Mar 14, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, absolutely. we need to and we can't cut into the feed corn or into the things that help america grow and create jobs like education or cancer research or food safety. >> and rank and file members are losing their patience and some say this is the last short- term plan they'll support. >>> chris lee apologizing to his campaign donors and returning all the money he raised in 2010 and 2011 resigning after last month, posting a picture of himself online to a woman who was surfing craig's list. the married republican is accused of sending the photo. the buffalo news obtained a letter lee sent to 100 donors and said, quote, i make no excuses for the behavior, it was wrong. the letters include a check for the amount of their donation. >>> hey, major banks are considering a $100 limit on debit card purchases. that doesn't seem fair, does it? up next, what it's about and how congress may step in to make sure that doesn't happen. g >> hang on to your debit cards, there is a war going to on over cutting the costs to e em o. one side, retailers who say you the consumer can save a billion dollars
Mar 21, 2011 6:00pm EDT
today. >> he did, brian. and the president is in chile tonight as he continues his trip in latin america. in a news conference this afternoon, president obama said moving forward, the u.s. is going to take on a diminished role in this operation but clearly tonight the u.s. military is in the lead in libya. u.s. military officials say so far the no-fly zone is proving successful. as two days of attacks by the u.s. and allies, gadhafi has been unable to launch new air attacks against other forces. >> we have spent considerable effort to degrade libya's machines military command and control capability. >> reporter: the no-fly zone is in place other northern libya. the goal is to stop gadhafi from using his air forces to strike at cities held by the rebels. >> not only was he carrying out murders of civilians, but he threatened more. >> reporter: in chile president obama repeated that the u.s. lead role in libya with a not be open-ended and said u.s. allies would eventually take over. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of di -- days and not a matter of weeks. >> repor
Mar 29, 2011 6:00pm EDT
, aberrational. >> reporter: corporate america is watching this case closely and argues that if this class- action lawsuit is allowed to advance and provide, it could open the door to lots of other class-action las. wal-mart itself, if the case goes forward, could be on the line for billions in damages or settlements with the women. the first time in the court history, there are three women sitting on the court. peter barnes in washington, fox news. >>> it's been 30 years since john hinkly jr. tried to assassinate president ronald reagan. four people were hit in the barrage of bullets and survived. up next, hear from one of the survivors. the press secretary jim brady.  >> 30 years ago tomorrow, john hinkly fired six rounds from a .22-caliber revolver in an attempt to assassinate ronald reagan, four bullets instruct mark striking the president, a police officer and brady suffered a devastating wound out of the others. he has been confined to the wheelchair, and paralyzed on one side. today, brady and his wife sarah sat down with paul wagner for the only local television introduce. paul jo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7